A Million Dots

By Andrew Clements, Illustrated by Mike Reed

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It's a long way to a million, right? Of course it is. But do you really know what a million looks like?

If you'd like to see -- actually see, right now, with your own eyes -- what a million looks like, just open this book.

Be prepared to learn some interesting things along the way.

Like how many shoe boxes it would take to make a stack as tall as Mount Everest.

And be prepared to do some number wondering of your own.

But, most of all, be prepared to be amazed.

Because a million is a LOT of dots.

Cover of A Million Dots

Book Details

Published July 2006 by Simon & Schuster

48 pages


To eat 675,000 Hershey bars, you would have to eat one bar every two minutes, nonstop, for more than 234 days!

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