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If I were able to come to your town, maybe come visit your school, maybe sit down and share a meal with you in the library or the teacher’s room, I’m sure that we’d have plenty to talk about. I’d have questions for you, you’d have some for me, and our conversation would go back and forth. I bet we’d find stuff to laugh about, and maybe some other things that might get a little serious. Because that’s what it’s like when people get to sit and talk and make new friends.

Well, this website feels like a pretty one-sided conversation—with me doing way too much talking! All I can hope is that you find answers here to some of the questions you may have about my books, my writing, and where all that comes from.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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Andrew Clements is the author of the 6.5 million-copy bestseller, Frindle. Since 1985, over 80 of his books have been published—and his brand new book is The Friendship War.

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