Fear Itself

By Andrew Clements, Illustrated by Adam Stower

Book #2 in the Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School series

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The Keepers of the School are back and the stakes are even higher. Time is ticking as the countdown to their school’s total demolition continues. Ben has been given a handful of clues that could help them save the school, but they are all written in maritime riddles. “After five bells sound, time to sit down.” What the heck does that mean? It’s hard to know where to begin when Ben and Jill don’t even know what they are looking for. All Lyman, the snake posing as the school janitor, needs to know, though, is that they are looking and that could mean the end of the 30 million dollar development deal that pays his salary (which, by the way, is MUCH larger than a typical school janitor makes). As Lyman lurks in the shadows—and sometimes not in the shadows—Ben and Jill have to add another to-do to their list of things to accomplish in the next 21 days: 1. Figure out the clues left by past Keepers of the School Groups, 2. Figure out how these clues will help Ben and Jill save the school, And 3. Do all of that while staying one step ahead of Lyman. That's the mission . . . which seems, at times, impossible.

Cover of Fear Itself

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Available in Audio

Published June 2011 by Simon & Schuster

224 pages

Available in English, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

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