Jake Drake, Teacher’s Pet

By Andrew Clements, Illustrated by Janet Pedersen

Book #3 in the Jake Drake series

Cover of cover_jake-drake-teachers-pet_EN-US

Mrs. Snavin looked right past all those waving hands. She looked right at me and she smiled and said, "I think I'll have Jake take it." Then Mrs. Snavin said, "but be sure to hurry right back, Jake, because we're going to work on our number-line project, and you have to be my special computer helper, okay?" And I could feel every kid in the class looking at me. They weren't saying anything. They weren't even whispering. But right then, I heard what they were thinking anyway. They were thinking, teacher's pet.

Cover of Jake Drake, Teacher’s Pet

Book Details

Available in Audio

Published October 2001 by Simon & Schuster

96 pages

Available in English, Mandarin, and Complex Chinese

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