Lost and Found

By Andrew Clements, Illustrated by Mark Elliott

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The Grayson twins are moving to a new town. Again. Although it's a drag to be constantly mistaken for each other, in truth, during those first days at a new school, there's nothing better than having a twin brother there with you. But on day one of sixth grade, Ray stays home sick, and Jay is on his own. No big deal. It's a pretty nice school, good kids, too. But Jay quickly discovers a major mistake: No one seems to know a thing about his brother. Ray's not on the attendance lists, doesn't have a locker, doesn't even have a student folder. Jay almost tells the school -- almost -- but then decides that this lost information could be very...useful. And fun.

As Ray and Jay exploit a clerical oversight, they each find new views on friendship, honesty, what it means to be a twin -- and what it means to be yourself.

Cover of Lost and Found

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Available in Audio

Published July 2008 by Simon & Schuster

176 pages

Available in English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Mandarin, and Turkish

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