Big Al

By Andrew Clements, Illustrated by Yoshi

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Poor Big Al! He just wants to make friends. And in the whole wide blue sea you can't find a nicer fish. But because Big Al is large and scary-looking, the little fish are afraid to get to know him.

What can he do? He tries everything he can think of — from disguising himself with seaweed to burrowing under the ocean floor so he'll look smaller. But something always goes wrong, and lonely Big Al wonders if he'll ever have a single friend. Then one frightening day, when a fishing net captures the other fish, Big Al gets the chance to prove what a wonderful friend he can be!

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Published September 1989

32 pages

Available in English, German, and Korean


In the wide blue sea there was a friendly fish named Big Al. You could not find a nicer fish. But Big Al was also very, very, scary.

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