Big Al and Shrimpy

By Andrew Clements, Illustrated by Yoshi

Part of Big Al

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Poor Shrimpy! He wants to be like Big Al, loved and adored by all the other fish. But who would want to be friends with such a teeny, tiny fish? Big Al, that's who! He's big and scary-looking, and he remembers what it was like to be friendless. Still, all the other fish think Shrimpy's just a nuisance. Then one day, when Big Al's life is in danger, Shrimpy is the only one brave enough and smart enough to save the day. Suddenly, everyone can see that friends come in all shapes and sizes and Shrimpy turns out to be the best friend any fish could want!

Cover of Big Al and Shrimpy

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Available in Audio

Published September 2002 by Simon & Schuster

32 pages


In the wide blue sea there was a very clever fish named Shrimpy. You could not find a smarter fish. But Shrimpy was also very, very small.

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